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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Oct 31, 2022

Did you know the number one reason most pet business adverts don't work is because they are BORING?  

They don't grab attention, and there is no reason for people to read how do you fix this? 

Well, one way is to add a 'fear-factor' element to your copy, that will cause a dog owner to notice your advert, AND...

Oct 28, 2022

In this SPECIAL episode of the podcast Dom is back fresh from his Florida exploits where he was rolled, stuffed and sprinkled with Disney pixie-dust! 

And he's bringing YOU some magic kingdom marketing by sharing a chapter from the audiobook version of his new book 'How to Disnify Your Pet Business' 

You will...

Oct 21, 2022

This weeks guest is renowned dog trainer, author, Lez Graham. 

Lez grew up with an early passion for horses and dogs, but she hated school so left and ended up with a career in IT. 

She started her holistic journey way back in 1997 using kinesiology on dogs and horses.

After her mum passed away the family upped sticks...

Oct 17, 2022

It's book launch day... Yipee! 

In this BONUS podcast I'm sharing the key takeaways from my brand new book How to Disnify Your Pet Business. 

Do you struggle to stand out from the competition? 

Do you HATE marketing and think your business is boring? 

Are you an awesome pet professional but does your...

Oct 14, 2022

There have been many great pet business origin stories told on this podcast, and this episodes guest brings one of the most personal, heartwarming and inspiring stories you'll ever hear. 

I'm talking to Courtney Ceacal who is the top dog at Palmetto Scoopers in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Courtney learned the value of...