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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Mar 29, 2024

This weeks guest is expert reactive dog trainer, Nick McMechan. 

Nick grew up near Edinburgh where spent a childhood walking, or being walked by, his own and his neighbours dogs. He graduated from university, and after a number of different jobs ended up in retail. 

During this time he got into dog training as a hobby, and this led to him competing in working trails with his dogs Lady and Max. Max developed some reactivity issues which forced Nick to learn more about dog behaviour, and eventually qualify as a trainer himself. 

In January 2019 he took redundancy from Boots, and started his dog walking business, just a few weeks before the pandemic!

The subsequent lockdowns and lots of dog owners working from home, meant Nick business was slow to grow. He struggled to get clients and was charging low-prices. He then added training services, again charging low-prices and was working ever longer hours. He started dipping into his savings, which led to the breaking point for his fledgling business.

Tune in to discover how Nick upped his prices, ditched the dog walking, and went all in with his mission for helping reactive dog owners; 

  • How Nick created his own newsletter and got local newspaper, and national radio coverage, which helped build his reputation. 
  • Why just adding new services won't make you more money IF you aren't charging high enough prices
  • How to easily get media coverage to position you as an expert pet professional.
  • How consistent follow up will help convince dog owners in your town you are the right dog trainer for them
  • Why putting your personality into your marketing helps you attract more ideal clients who are aligned with your values.
  • How Nick transitioned from dog walking to training AND from low-priced to premium priced! Something anyone can do...

Thanks to Nick for being so honest and open, and for sharing his struggles with pricing and his winning media strategy.

You can find out more about Nicks business by clicking here 

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