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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Jan 19, 2024

This weeks guest is the amazing Anjie Coats, a groomer extraordinare and acclaimed rabbit grooming specialist. 

Anjie grew up as an army brat living wherever her dad was stationed. They finally settled in Masschusettes, where she lives now, and she initially studies to be a neurosurgeon, and for some pocket money she worked part time in a grooming salon. 

Anjie progressed well through college achieving good grades, she had a sponsor and everything was on track, until aged 18 she got run over by a garbage truck and had her arm ripped off. 

Five years of surgery later (dying six times in the process) the doctors got her arm as good as it was going to get, Anjie began an 11 year career in law enforcement, and she still kept the grooming going after work, but then burn-out caused her to go full-time with dog grooming aged 32. 

From there she moved from dogs to grooming cats, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets and even yoga loving guinea pigs!

Tune in to discover; 

  • Why you shouldn't let family pressure stop you from pursuing your passion, and career in the pet industry. 
  • Why certain cat breeds need grooming just as much as dogs (and why cats lick themselves, and its NOT to keep clean!)
  • Why Rabbit grooming requires a supreme level of skill and knowledge - as Anjie says they are basically blown glass with fur!
  • Why Anjie wrote a book to help aspiring rabbit groomers 
  • How Anjie embraced seasonal and themed promotional materials to keep her clients engaged and invested in her services.
  • How to price your grooming services for cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.
  • Also contains a mini cat grooming masterclass including a top turkey timer tip
  • And much, much more...

This is a truly inspiring, entertaining and educational episode. Enjoy! 

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