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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Jan 4, 2024

This week I'm talking to the amazing River Lee who runs the Savvy Groomer, a coaching business that helps groomers go from burnt out, broke and broken to healthy, wealthy and happy. 

River grew up in Rhode Island, where she struggled at school where and felt like an outsider. Being neurodivergent and dyslexic meant she struggled in a traditional learning environment. 

However, she always had an entrepreneurial spirit and actually ran a small pet sitting company when she just 12 years old!

She did a number of jobs, graduated, and ended up managing a doggy daycare full-time at the same time as she was training to be a vet. She ended up training to be a groomer purely as a back-up to cover the work-shy groomer who was enployed at the daycare. 

At this point she was involved in a massive car accident, fell pregnant, lost her apartment, and the daycare she was working in said they would prefer it if she left, so River ended up homeless, living in her car, with no job. 

Unbelievably, she knew someone who was looking to get out of a grooming lease, which River took over, and ended up opening her first grooming business four days before her son was born. She survived on ketchup sandwhiches, while her son was being washed in the bath at the salon, where they were living illegally! But, when the chips were down River showed an unbelievable determination to build a better life. 

And, if you think that is amazing, then you'll love hearing how River turned her life around, to become not only a successful business owner, but an inspirational leader in the grooming industry. 

Tune in to discover; 

  • How River switched from a low-price to a premium grooming model by doubling her prices!
  • Why it can be BAD to build your business around a reputation of being a groomer who can work with any dog (especially difficult dogs) 
  • Why River recommends a membership model for groomers, and the cool way she designed her membership around the kind of business (and life) she wanted to have.  
  • Why she niched to cats for second business (and gained 100 subscription clients in less than six month)
  • How to turn your neurodiverance into your superpower!
  • And much, much more...

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