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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Sep 29, 2023

Do you know the fastest way to spread the word about your amazing pet services? 

It’s to connect and build relationships with other pet businesses, who can connect you with their audience. 
Collaborations can be very cool and profitable IF you connect with the right people whose values align with yours. 
This strategy works for doggy daycare owners, dog walkers trainers and groomers. It worked when I ran my dog adventure and training business, and works for me now!
So, when I get the chance to work on a project with another pet professional who I respect and admire, I grab it with both hands, and in this weeks show you'll hear from three such people I recently collaborated with. 

First you'll hear a section from a hiring training I did with Doug the Dog Guy. We talk about the BIG mistakes that most pet business owners make when it comes to pricing. 

Then, you'll hear a conversation with Nick Benger who interviewed me for an upcoming episode of his show Dog Talk with Nick Benger. We talk about Nick lightbulb moment that caused his business fortunes to change

And finally, there's a cool section from a LIVE training I did for Candace D-Agnolo's PetBoss Crew. In this part you'll hear me share the secrets to Disnifying your pet business so you create memorable experiences your clients remember AND talk about...

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