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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Sep 22, 2023

Do you run a busy mess of a pet care facility? 

Do you lack the systems and procedures that are required for success? 

Are you overwhelmed with where to start because you are always firefighting problems? 

Then you're in luck, because in this episode I'm talking to pet business coach, consultant and mentor, Phillip Paris, who runs the aptly named Phillip Paris Consultants. 

I met Phil at the Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo in Vegas, where I caught one of his presentations about taking the pain out of processes and procedures, and I was really impressed with his knowledge and skillset. 

Phil grew up in Austin Texas, where he attended community college and then became a cop, a role he held for 17 years. For the last 10 years with law enforcement he worked as a canine officer. Because of this role he ended up giving dog advice to anyone who asked, which is how he eventually segued into leaving the police and becoming a dog trainer. 

In 2010 he opened his own facility, and in 2016 he trasitioned to coaching and consulting, so he could pass on his hard earned knowledge to other facilty owners. 

Phil talks through what his onsite consultation looks like, and why processes NOT people are the key to a well run, successful doggydaycare.

Tune in to discover; 

  • How Phil launched an online side of his dog training business, where he created DVD's that were distributed in libraries.
  • Why Phil likes to teach through stories when he is speaking and consulting
  • How he ended up as Keynote speaker at Pet Boarding and Daycare expo - top tip you can copy here...
  • How Phil had a pricing breakthrough listening to Teija Heikkila at a pet boarding conference  - another reason for you to attend conferences...
  • Also, why Phil DOESN'T like pet puns, which is a real shame because this is a truly 'pawsome' episode....

This is a very open and honest interview with someone who is adding a lot of value to the industry. Many thanks for sharing Phil!

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