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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Mar 24, 2023

Katie Casell was born, raised and still still lives in Miami - a true Miamiam - where she now serves the community as Miami's number #1 force-free dog trainer.  

Katie has been holding a dog leash since she was in dipers, and grew up with a love for dogs and horses, a passion she inherited from her animal loving dad, who also trained dogs, horses and parrots. 

She worked as a groom aged 17, but then fell into a sales job selling pest control, before she started 20 year career with a floral importer. 

Katie could see the writing on the wall with her sales job, and so started her own side hustle pet business in 2002. This ran alongside her regular job until 2011, when she adopting an agressive dog called Brisco, the dog who inspired a life-long love and career in dog training.

A cancer scare in 2017 finally gave her the push to follow her passion, and go all in with her dog training business.  

Katie has been on thorough training journey learning from some world class training mentors, and she ended up specialising in helping leash reactive and leash agressive dogs with her private one to one training services. She also does puppy sessions to provide some light relief from the intensity of the aggressive dog cases. 

In this awesome interview you will discover; 

  • How creating connections with local vets helped stimulate referrals and bring clients to her fledgling business
  • Why Katie and I are cooking up an exclusive, high-end, luxury offer for her affluent dog training clients
  • Why she niched to aggresive dogs as an homage to her first dog Brisco.
  • Why you need good training AND business mentors IF you want to accelerate your career.
  • Why dog trainers need speak to dog owners fears in their marketing materials
  • The amazing sliding doors moment that led to Katie finding her husband...

Katie was a great guest, and an awesome coaching client I love working with, you'll get so much from her inspirational story. 

To find out more about Katie's services check out her website here

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