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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Nov 25, 2022

Something a little bit different today, because I am talking to the awesome James Eager from

James grew up with a passion for music, and at age 18 he went to Trinity College of music to hone his craft in bass guitar and double bass. 

He worked in the orchestra pit on some of the top shows in the West End, he taught for a couple of days a week, AND played in a band. 

By the time James hit his 30's the band started to take off, and were doing gigs all over the world, and very lucrative high-end weddings. 

However, this turned out to be a feast or famine business which made James reasses things and seek a more stable career with recurring revenue. 

That led to James going back to teaching, but this time online, where he got the marketing bug, put out his first lead magnet, built an email list, sold his first program and eventually this led to his hugely succesful online empire, E-Bass Guitar. 

James story is very similar to my own, and it's a perfect template for what dog trainers can follow to take their business online and earn recurring revenue. 

In this podcast you will discover;

  • Why perfectionism is the enemy of progress when building an online business
  • Why, when you are an entreprenuer it's better to be resilient than brilliant 
  • Why you're first business, is often a stepping stone to a better  business 
  • How a business coach can help you build a better business, faster than you would on your own 

Also after the podcast was finished James told me his dad owned as pet food business in the 1970's! Small world, eh? 

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