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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Nov 17, 2022

This week Dom is taking you from Manchester airport to Orlando, and back to Sunderland with a sneak peak behind the curtain at what went down at the recent Grow Your Pet Business FAST! Seminar in Orlando. 

You'll get Dom's personal insights from the whole trip including a quick interview with Doug Keeling, snippets from the actual seminar, and you'll hear what attendees Doug, Maggie Peptione, Courtney Rebsweber, and Matt Duncan thought of the GYPBF Seminar...

You'll also discover;

[*] Why Dom has flown 4223 miles to deliver his first international presentation

[*] The secret to delivering a successful seminar presentation

[*] Why attending a seminar should be the start of a learning journey, NOT the end...

[*] Why the attendees think Dom's teaching is different to every other coach out there.

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