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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Nov 11, 2022

Todays guest is Allison Pearson who recently celebrated her 10th year in business. Happy Business Birthday!

She grew up in Lincolnshire and developed a love of art, cats and the great outdoors. 

Early jobs included working at an abbatoir, a builders merchant, and a farm shop before she tentatively started a dog walking business, and aquired her first customers via Bark.

In March 2012 whilst helping out with a dog rescue transport company she suffered a really nasty accident with a pair of Bull Terriers. This proved to be a real turning point, and took Allison in a new direction, and formed her calm canine philosophy for what would eventually become her Stress-Free Grooming buiness. 

In this honest and open interview you wil discover;

  • Why you need to nail your niche if you want to stand out from the competition
  • Why you need to be careful of trusting unscruplous landlords 
  • How to expertly onboard your clients to maximise referrals (and upsell opportunties) 
  • How adding a newsletter transformed how she communicates with her clients

Tune in now to discover how Allison turned her busy but low-profit operation into a stable and successful pet business.

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