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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Sep 16, 2022

What really down at a pet business mastermind? What even IS a pet business mastermind? And would a mastermind benefit you and your business? 

All great questions that will be revealed in this episode. 

A Mastermind is unlike any other kind of coaching program. Anyone who has achieved any kind of success in business, sport and entertainment will tell you they didn't do it alone, and had excellent mentors who help them speed up thier own success journey. 

Joining a mastermind can be a great way to get in depth help and support with your business challenges. It's hard work. It requires a commitment, but the rewards can be spectacular. Billionaire steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie credited his entire fortune to his mastermind group – he inspired author Napoleon Hill to create the term in his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich

If you find the right group you'll achieve more than you ever thought possible

So, in this weeks podcast I thought I would give you a peak behind the curtain at one of my Elite Pet Business Mastermind Meetings. 

You'll hear from my top performers - sometimes straight from their hotseat - about what they get out of the mastermind experience. I have dog trainers, dog walkers, doggy daycare owners, dog groomers and pet therspists in my mastermind

This is essential listening for any six-figure plus service based pet business owner who feels alone, overwhelmed and lacking clarity about what to do next to move your business forward. 

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P.S. Beware the fake pet business online mastermind ran by social media gooroos, which are more like a mothers meeting where the attendees share each others blogs and buy each others courses.