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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Aug 15, 2022

Just because there's a cost-of-living crisis, inflation is sky-high and we are rapidly rolling towards recession, it DOESN'T mean you can't increase prices and make more money in your pet business. 

I started my first 'premium' pet business slap bang in the middle of the last recession in 2011. And I did this by charging twice as much as my competitors....

...So, in todays episode I'm sharing six ways you can make more money in your pet business even when there's a recession. 

And I'm highlighting the Six mistakes that all skint pet business owners are guilty of making.

You'll discover why;

* Bad Economics  - i.e. a bad pet business model

* A rotton reputation as a cheap canine pet pro

* Positioning yourself with all the other apples

* Not being seen as a specialised pet business

* Having a muggle money midset

* Cutting prices instead of adding value

Are all things that STOP you increasing prices AND attracting affluent dog owners. 

Tune in to this Bonus episode for the full skinny. 

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