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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Nov 17, 2023

This weeks guest is Joe Zuccarello , the President of Paragon Pet School!

Joe was born in raised just outside of St Louis, Missouri, where he learned an amazing work ethic from his father who worked in telecommunications industry. 

At just 12 years old Joe and a friend got a Saturday job cutting grass on  for a Homeowners association. One of the trustees of the assocation was married to a lady who owned a grooming salon, who needed help bathing dogs in her grooming salon. 

Joe thought that sounded like a pretty cool gig, and began a long, prosperous, and impactful career in the pet business. 

When he was 16 he moved to a role with Kennelwood Pet Resorts, where he eventually transitioned to customer services, and did a number of roles over the next 22 years as that business grew to 6 locations.  

Then he moved to Tropiclean shampoo's where worked in product development for sprays, collognes and dental products for 10 years, before moving into the education space which he has been ever since. 

Now, Joe is the President of Paragon Groomer Education and Training Program, who help pet service businesses and retailrs ovecome thier staffing challenges by helping them grow their own grooming team.

Tune in to discover; 

  • How a Saturday job cutting grass led to a 38 year career in the pet industry!
  • How he was easily able to transition from a pet services sector to the pet products sector
  • Why it's good idea to join a business who is small but on the cusp of great growth - Something Joe has done 4 times in his career.
  • How to achieve a perfect work life balance by ensuring you love your WORK!
  • Why you should wear your 'pet professional' label with pride
  • How Paragon went from graduating 40-50 students a year to to doing that number in a week when they figured out how to train remotely. 
  • Why Joe's secret to a successful career in the pet (or any other) industry is built on building great relationships

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