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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Oct 13, 2023

In early October I delivered my How to Disnify Your Pet Business presentation at the International Boarding and Pet Care Services FLOW conference in Orlando, and while I was there I met a bunch of awesome speakers, vendors and attendees... 

...and in this weeks podcast, YOU get to meet a bunch of the guys I grabbed an interview with! 

Tune in to discover; 

  • Why Dan Poirer's PackPro makes it easier for facililty owners to train up their staff members to raise the standard of care, AND increase staff retention.
  • Why first time exhibitor Dr Jenn the Vet has created a healthy pet care program that trains facility staff, and provides a bridge between vets and facility owners.
  • How Shawnte and Courtney from the Dog Gurus got started in the pet care industry, and how they now help other pet care business owners avoid common mistakes so they can move forward faster
  • Why Jack Landis from Adaptive Readiness Technologies has created a cool software that asseses employees skill AND confidence levels in pet care topics.
  • Why Dr Jenn the Vet has created a learning rescource that ensures pet care facilities follow best practices to keep pets healthy and safe from infectious diseases.
  • What amazing things Allison Jacobs is doing at Scouts Honour Pet Retreat, that made her an award winner at the IBBY's (the IBPSA in house awards - very cool!)
  • And, you'll also get to hear what the attendees at my Pet Business Premium Pricing Secrets Seminar thought about the event.

This is your IBPSA backstage pass...dive in and enjoy! 

You can find out more about Dan and Packpro by clicking here

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