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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Aug 25, 2023

Are you a pet business owner who find hiring staff a headache? 

Do you need reliable and responsible candidates and less time-wasting tyre kickers? 

Do you wish you knew the secret to stress-free staffing or would like to outsource hiring altogether? 

Then stay tuned because today I'm talking to Joe Latona who runs WalkerScout, who provide recruitment solutions for pet care businesses. 

Joe grew up in Lombard, Illinois where he struggled at school with what his wife now thinks is ADHD! He had a happy childhood though, biking and hiking in the great outdoors. 

Upon leaving school he worked in his friends IT business but in 2008 left to work as a dog walker, whilst also doing some moonlighting as a recruiter, and he ended up taking over the recruiting for Windy City dog walking business. 

He expanded this role recruiting for some dog walking companies out west before going all in with his own specialised pet care recruiting company WalkerScout, in 2019. 

Joe shares a TON of expert advice about when and how to take on your first hire, including;

* Why 'experience with animals' should sit low down on the list of requirements for new hires

* Why, if you want to hire motivated team members, you need to offer more than just a 'decent wage'

* Why systemising needs to come before hiring IF you want to give your new hire the best chance of success.

* The Mr Rogers method that makes your interviewing technique WAY more efficient

* Why hiring is a science and why you should never just go with your gut...

and much, much more...

Joes passion for pets and helping pet business owners find reliable staff shines through, and I know you'll get SO much value from this excellent interview .

To find out more about Joes services at WalkerScout click here now 

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