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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Aug 18, 2023

Ever thought about selling or aquiring a doggy daycare business?
Well, this weeks guest has done both!

Get ready to meet Eyal Cohen, co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Pet Resorts Hospitality Group. Originally from Israel, Eyal's family moved to New York when he was three. His journey took him from a dog shelter to the diamond industry, where he worked alongside his father as a Diamond cutter before pursuing philosophy and political science in college.

Returning to the diamond industry, Eyal became an assistant to top industry figures, gathering a decade's worth of knowledge. He later started his own venture in colored Diamonds, building valuable connections. Through a veterinary contact, Eyal became involved in a daycare facility, which grew to 14 locations and was eventually acquired by NVA (National Veterinary Association).

Eyal lays out the process that potential aquisitions go through when they are considering selling the business to Pet Resort Hospitality, and he shares the key things you need to do to maximise the value of your doggy daycare business when you come to sell it.

Tune in to discover:

* Why you need think about building to sell and your exit strategy, unless you want to close the doors and walk away from your business...

* Why great communication between your team members is vital, epecially as a your organisation grows bigger. 

* Why staying true to your mission is key to the success of your pet business 

* Why Eyal is very collaborative with the daycare sellers he works with and strives to protect the legacy of the buisness they have spent a lifetime building. 

* Why selling your daycare business doesn't mean to say you have to leave that business altogether.

And much, much more...

Eyal speaks fluent Hebrew, he likes to read, fly aeroplanes and ride a motorbike in spare time!

Meeting Eyal was truly one of my highlights from visiting Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo in Vegas, and I know you'll get SO much value from this inspiring interview.

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