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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Aug 4, 2023

In episode 309 I'm talking to Allison Jacobs who runs the award winning, and amazing Scouts Honour Pet Retreat in Bloomington, Indianna.

Allison spent her early years lazing through the summer months reading An Encyclopedia of Dogs, which fired a lifelong love for canines. She first studied music, before switching to a less competitive Italian Language program. 

Alongside university, from age 17 to 25 she worked at BestBuy, which kickstarted her love of business, where she also met her husband and best friend, and learned about organisation, which came in very useful with her future dog business. 

Upon leaving university she originally started pet sitting with Rover, and got busy very quickly, then in June 2021 Allison and her husband teamed up with business partner, Kristen to launch a daycare.

* How the original idea for Scouts honour came from listening to what Allison and Kristens own dogs needed.

* Why apps like Rover are great to get your started as a pet sitter, but have serious limitations if you want to stand out and scale up

* Why dog safety and human safety are the foundation stones of Scouts Honours success. 

* Why looking after your staff members helps attract better daycare clients who are looking for the best facility. 

 * How to create a winning partnership with someone who shares your vision and values, and why it's good to have a 'boring' business partner. 

Allison is so transparent about the whole business journey including costs, financing, emotional investment and hustle that was required to turn her daycare dream into a reality.

Tune in to be inspired! 

To find out more about Scouts Honour click here 

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