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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Apr 23, 2023

This weeks guest is known as the Pet Biz Guru, and is a legend within the pet sitting industry...

I'm talking to Janie Budnick, who is the founder of Four-Legged Kids, St Louis largest dog walking and pet sitting service, which she's started in 1997. 

She's been in the pet industry for 34 years, and now Janie also  helps other aspiring pet business owners through her strategic coaching and pet business accelarator.

She's a South Missouri girl through, and grew up as an only child whose best friend was her cat - how adorable! 

She attended and thoroughly enjoyed her time at Mizzou (Missouri University) before moving to St Louis where she worked in a Vetrinarians where she started doing pet sitting jobs on the side. 

When someone suggested Janie turn this into a business she was initially horrified, but then decided to plan her wedding and start her business at the same time. 

Janie picked up her first clients pretty quickly, and ended up hiring pretty quickly too, and now has over 40 employees! She shares an excellent story about how his hiring spree began, when she missed out on Christmas with her family back in 1997. 

Janie shares her hiring and scaling secrets, we discuss pet industry trends, the dangers of being a one man (or woman) band,  pet industry trends and pet industry best practises. 

She also gives a quick but informative lesson on how to use D.I.S.C. process to successfully staff and scale your pet sitting team. (Dominance, Influencial, Steady, Compliant) 

I loved interviewing Janie, and I know you'll LOVE listening to this episode.

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