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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Apr 14, 2023

In this weeks episode we go behind the scenes at IMPACT 23 - The Disnify Your Pet Business Success Summit!

I'm not sure if I was feeling Dopey, Bashful or, Brave when I handed the attendees the microphone, so they could record thier thoughts about the event, as it was happening.... but it all turned out ok in the end, because the IMPACT attendees really delivered. 

In this unique episode you will discover;

  • Why IMPACT felt like an immersive experience, rather than just an event...
  • What organisation and prep goes into putting on an international pet business conference. Hint: More than you think
  • Why Adam Delderfield had a Monsters Inc. merch breakthrough midway through day one. 
  • How Tim has inspired Doug the Dog Guy to invest in a Pirate costume when he returns home.
  • Why pet business owners travel from all corners of the UK, and from the USA to attend IMPACT
  • AND....what Vance Morris thought about the event, and why he's taking a battered sausage recipe back to Maryland...

And much, much more!

 You'll hear directly from lots of attendees as the event happened, and I share the dates for IMPACT 24. This is a real peak behind the scenes. Enjoy! 

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