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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Apr 6, 2023

This weeks guest is dog trainer and entreprenuer Brian Claeys, who runs All Dogs Unleashed, a national dog training, boarding and daycare franchise across the USA. 

Brian grew up in Iowa where he enjoyed spending time with hunting and bird dogs. He did some schooling in Colarado before returning to Iowa where he held a number of sales jobs, whilst learning the dog training business ropes at Midwest Dog Training.

He then teamed up with best friend, and fellow dog trainer Travis Lux, and they dived into their own dog training business. 

The business was born sat on the couch, where they decided on a name, wrote the business plan, built the website, and lo and behold, when they turned the website on clients started appearing!

Initially, Travis ran the business from his apartment in Texas, then in 2007 Brian moved down and they bought a house together, and ran the business from home. The next year they bought a house each and expanded the client base, while they saved up to afford to lease their own facility, which they opened in 2010. 

Outgrowing the original facility they bought some land on which they built the facility that became the blueprint for the All Dogs Unleashed Franchise, which has 19 locations throughout the USA. 

This is an enlightening and educating interview, as Brian takes us on the rollercoaster adventure of scaling up and franchising a dog training business. 

Tune in to discover;

  • Why you need to be agressive with marketing when you are starting out with your pet business 
  • The benefits of investing in a franchise to grow your pet business, rather than doing it on your own. 
  • Why the best dog trainer is the most well known dog trainer, and why sales and marketing are the most important functions of a dog training business. 
  • Why happy customers are the best sales ambassadors for your training business 
  • Why Brian is embracing the power of paper and ink marketing, by starting a pet friendly magazine. Something he learned at the Grow Your Pet Business FAST! seminar.

To find out more about All Dogs Unleashed and the Franchise opportuntities available check out his website here

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