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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Mar 10, 2023

This weeks guest is Charles Countryman who along with wife Laura, runs K9-Culture, a 53,000 square foot,premier boarding and training facilty in Carrollton, Texas. 

Charles grew up in North Idaho, and joined the Army two weeks after leaving high-school. He eventually wanted to be a police officer so joined as an MP.

Despite not wanting to travel, Charles ended up leaving basic training and ending up in Panama, he also saw Korea, Japan, the Gulf, and spent six-months in Somalia where he ended up in an accident that cost him the loss of a lot of his hearing. 

He left the army, met Laura and they settled in Orlando, Florida where he started a sales job in the heavy equipment industry, eventually working his way up to National Sales Manager and COO. 

When the kids grew up they got a cattle dog puppy who loved herding his grandchildren,which sparked off a love of training, and a dream of running a training business. 

A few changes at work meant Charles has the opportunity to leave, and despite everyone telling him he was he was crazy, he and Laura decided to go all in with their own dog training business. 

They moved to Dallas, Texas where Charles worked for another training company before going all in with K9-Culture, the largest board and train facilty in Texas. 

The journey started with just Charles, Laura and a dog agressive Blue-Heeler called Hank, now they have 30 staff, 15 trainers, and multiple board and train programs running, weekly classes, a luxury boarding kennel, grooming services and a retail offering under the K9-Culture roof.  

In this compelling and honest interview you will discover;

  • How Charles initially advertised his business, and why he still invests A LOT of time, money and energy on marketing his training services. 
  • Why looking for ability and attitude, is more important than previous dog training experience when hiring staff
  • How systemising everything at K9 Culture has enabled massive and rapid growth, whilst also maintaining incredibly high standards 
  • Why putting the dogs welfare first and making training FUN, is the best way to grow a dog training business.
  • How the first human agressive case dog case they ever trained ended up being a ring bearer at the owners wedding!
  • Why Crunching numbers is crucial when adding new services, IF you want them to be profitable.
  • And....why Charles had to be sober to secure a first date with Laura, his wife of 25 years! 

Charles also shares some powerful insights into the common mistakes dog owners are make by trying to exhaust their dog, when they should be trying to fulfill their dog. 

This is a really entertaining and inspiring interview. Check it out now! 

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