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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Jan 20, 2023

Get ready to meet a total rockstar of the pet sitting world, because I'm talking to the CEO of Pet and Home Care in Maryland, Tiffany Lewis! 

Tiffany was born into an entreprenuerial family and did lots of jobs growing up which gave her a great work ethic. She gained her driving licence aged 16 and immediately started working for a local dog walking company.

Aged just 17 she started doing her own overnights, but a car accident caused her to rethink and branch out on her own. 

She was then slapped with a cease and desist order from the previous company, but an ingenious insight by her mom caused that to quickly go away. 

Then Tiffany launched into growth mode and over the next few years took on her first hire and quickly grew the reputation of the business. 

Now she has over 60 employees, including 5 admins, a kennel, and her husband joined the team as head of team engagement. 

Tune in to discover;

  • How having a drive to be the best is one of your greatest assets as a pet business owner
  • Why Tiffany thinks it's better to have employees than independant contractors. 
  • How systemising the business meant she was able to move across country and run the business remotely from L.A.
  • How she has added new services, products and revenue streams to her operation.
  • Why she went back to school during the pandemic and attended a Goldman Sachs business course which led to a pet CBD oil product development. 
  • How she bought five of her competitors in the past 25 years.

And much more...

Tiffany is a real firecracker in this episode she is an honest and open book about her journey. 

She's battled through ups and downs, challenges, recessions and  hard lessons, not to mention the pandemic which caused her to leave California and move back to Maryland to save and rebuild her amazing business.

I know you will be just as inspired as I was by her amazing story. 

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