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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Dec 26, 2022

Episode 272 brings you something a little different, as I've invited my old friend Jane Arden back onto the show.

2022 has been something of an Annus Horribilis for Jane as she's faced numerous challenges in her personal life. 

At the start of the year, her partner Mike ended up in hospital with breathing problems which turned out to be a blood clot on his lung. Jane ended up doing everything which led to a total breakdown which necessitated a trip to A and E, and a complete three month break from the business. Later in the year she found a lump on her breast which resulted in exploratory surgery, and as we recorded this podcast she was still waiting for results.

Despite all this, her pet business empire, which comprises training classes, a membership and the SmartPup puppy training subscription, all continued to function. 

Tune in to discover; 

  • How therapy can help you deal with past trauma's and make you a better business owner. 
  • Why you MUST to develop systems and a support team so your business can continue to function and grow, even when you are ill.
  • How diversifying in your pet business can help protect your income from BIG external events, like the pandemic. 
  • Why you need to embrace a 'try and test' mentality if you want to keep moving forward. 
  • Why your number one priority for 2023 should be to work on YOURSELF

And, about 3 minutes in you'll also get to hear Janes cocker family strenously object to a Magpie landing on the windowledge... 

This is a searingly honest and open chat with a truly inspirational pet professional. My heartfelt thanks to Jane for sharing the story of her shitty 2022

You can find out more about Jane by visting her website here 

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