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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Sep 23, 2022

This weeks guest is superstar groomer, the one the only, Jess Rona!  

Jess chats through her entire pet business journey from struggling through school, having dreams of being an actress, to doing improv and stand up comedy, and waiting in a restaurant before setting off on her amazing grooming journey.  We shoot the breeze about;

* The struggles of starting a grooming business on a budget

* How she developed a passion to perfect her grooming skills through her desire to provide a caring, comfortable experience for dogs

* How her grooming business exploded through creating entertaining content on Instagram - a platform she thinks every groomer should be using 

* Why she recommends therapy which helped transform her self-worth and confidence

*Why it's ok to stay small in your pet business if it provides everything that you want

* Why she has invested in coaching and mentoring to raise her business mindset, and become a misfit, renegade pet entrepreneur!

Jess is so generous in this interview, which is a must-listen for all dog groomers (or any pet business owner). 

Find out more about Jess by visiting her website here 

Groomers can find out more about Jess grooming courses here 

Check out her Instagram account here 

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