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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Sep 5, 2022

This bonus podcast was recorded hot on the heels of the amazing September PBIC Elite Mastermind, and Dom is in contemplative mood as he shares his pet business plans for the next 90 days. 

Quarterly planning is a huge part of what we do in Dom's private coaching programs, and the key to making HUGE progress is to only focus on the high-value tasks that will move your from 2K a month to £4K a month, or from £10k per month to £20K per month, or from six-figures to seven figures. 

What are those key activities? You can find out in episode 240. 

There's also a bonus 'Ask Dom Anything' where Sarah Stevens asks 'How does Dom come up with so much content, so easily?'

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