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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Aug 19, 2022

Todays guest Candace D'agnolo grew up in central Illinois, and showed an early entrepreneurial streak by selling pencils and erasers to other kids in the playground, as well as legitimately bringing in pocket money extra babysitting and dog sitting for her neighbours... 

She achieved her dream of working at an advertising agency in Chicago, but hated it so left to start a Mural painting business for kids bedrooms. 

Then she moved into the pet industry and worked with a friend for a while before striking out on her own aged 26, launching Dogaholics retail store.

She added 2 more outlets, built the team up and added other services like dog walking, and daycare then after 10 years decided to sell the retail arm of the business. 

Now she specialises in helping bricks and mortar pet business owners in the United States to build better businesses.

Tune in to hear about the ups and downs on Candace's inspirational journey, and how systems and processes transformed her operation. 

You'll also discover;

* How a loyalty scheme can help you encourage your clients tio spend more money.

* Why premium pricing is important for every pet product AND service business

* Why an email list is crucial to the health of your pet business 

* Why paper and ink promotions helped her grow the business and her email list. 

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