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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

Jul 22, 2022

Today I'm speaking to one of my Elite members Kirsty Jackson who has an inspirational pet business story to share. Kirsty studied business at university, and was enjoying her 3rd year placement when she fell pregnant with her son Riley.

Now, Kirsty is a self-confessed dreamer, but also fiercly ambitous and she was driven to go back to uni to finish her placement so she could build a better life for her and Riley. 

She was offered a job at the same firm she did the placement, where she stayed foe a while, then she tried some different jobs until one day her partner Tom suggested she tried dog grooming. 

This sent Kirsty in a whole new direction which unltimitley led to her opening what became Furry Tails Dog Grooming. 

Check out Kirsty's story to hear how she built up the business from working in an outhouse to running a highly successful salon with staff and hundreds of happy 'premium' clients.

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