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The Poodle to Pitbull Pet Business Podcast

May 12, 2023

This weeks pod comes to you LIVE from Las Vegas where I'm delivering the keynote presentation at Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo West!

You'll hear me reporting from the Las Vegas strip as I walk you through my first visit to an expo, and my first Barleigh productions event. 

I've met new business owners, people who run franchises, people who are just breaking ground on thier first facility, it's been a blast!

I managed to grab two excellent interviews for this episode.

The first is with Barkleighs director of operations, James Severs who shared the Barkleigh teams passion for these events and more about why you should attend an expo. 

Then I caught up with Claire Cronin from Live Oak Bank, who specialise in providing funding and support for pet business who want to grow through renovating their existing facilty, or through expansion or aquisition. 

You'll get a real insight into the kind of expertise in attendance at these events, and hopefully it'll spur you to get off your butt and grab a ticket to the next Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo, which is happening in Hershey in November. 

Enjoy the episode! 

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